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The Parrot Sequoia camera can be controlled over USB using PTP protocol and over WIFI using PTP/IP or HTTP-API.
Both APIs will allow you to change settings, calibrate the sensors, trigger image capture and manage internal memory.

You can find the full documentation on our developer website :

sequoia SDK

We also deliver a python library called PTPy
It is a pure Python implementation of the PTP standard as specified in ISO15740:2013(E)
This implementation is transport agnostic and can be used along with USB, serial or IP layers to communicate with PTP compliant cameras.
PTPy accomodates both the low-level developers wishing to test their PTP implementation as well as users of the cameras in the market.

By default, PTPy will automatically detect which extension the camera supports and load it so that the interaction is seamless.

Read more on our GitHub page.


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