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To help foster further innovation surrounding the impact of climate change, Parrot and Pix4D are announcing a Climate Innovation Grant. This grant program consists of a hardware and software award. Successful proposals will receive a Parrot Sequoia multispectral sensor, a Pix4D software license, and training.  

With climate innovation as underlying theme, grant proposals should include a geographical/mapping component using UAVs and Pix4D mapping software, as well as multispectral imagery related to the technical capabilities of the Parrot Sequoia sensor.

This competitive grant program is open to students and researchers across the globe and across a range of disciplines, from archaeology to zoology.

Deadline for submissions is January 31st, 2017. Parrot and Pix4D will pick competitors by February 15th. Entrants will be expected to blog about their progress during the period of April 1st -June 30th when the winner is selected.



“We are encouraging people to think about the collection of environmental data in new ways. As sensors like Parrot Sequoia continue to get smaller in both size and weight, robots on land, at sea and in the air will be carrying more and more of these dense data collection devices into environments that were previously inaccessible due to cost and complexity”, explains John Cherbini, Director, Worldwide Commercial Business Development at Parrot. The merging of these three technologies: drones, lightweight sensors and advanced image processing software, allows us to start finding answers to questions that we previously didn’t even know to ask.

“Mapping innovation is something we keep in mind everyday. For this project we were able to make even more sense of the vast amount of data Parrot Sequoia can provide,” says Jorge Fernandez, Solution Manager for Agriculture at Pix4D.

To learn more about the grant program guidelines and to apply, go to

Learn more about what Pix4D has done for this project here.


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