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We regularly hear from high schools, community and technical colleges, and 4-year institutions that are interested in adopting drones or are already using them and want to expand their programs. We are excited to help prepare this new generation for the commercial UAV industry!


Bebop 2 + Skycontroller

Bebop 2 meets all of the requirements for a great off-the-shelf vehicle to meet the needs of faculty and students alike.

● Affordable Lightweight and safe for students
● Repairable with replacement parts available
● Survives minor crashes
● Flown with a mobile devices (Android or iOS)
● Flown manually with a controller (Parrot Skycontroller Indoor flight capabilities (sonar/optical stabilization)
● Outdoor flight under some wind (GPS stabilization)
● Flight duration appropriate length for teaching (25 min battery)
● Stabilized camera for video (1080p) and photography (12 megapixel) courses
● Photo geo-tagging for mapping courses
● Autonomous mission planning
● Available SDK for drone software programming and app development

What about a fixed wing?
We are really excited about Disco and expect it will be a real game changer in drone education! Disco is our affordable, off-the-shelf fixed wing (plane) that is coming soon. If you are already teaching with Bebop 2, Disco will have the same software interface and camera, will work with the same Parrot Skycontroller, and will be an ideal complementary vehicle.


We have built amazing ready-to-use classroom bundles with drones, cases, batteries, charger and spare parts. Available in 3, 6 and 12 pack


Freeflight & Flightplan (iOS , Android)

This control app is a super-intuitive, features-rich software that easy pairs with your phone or tablet (iOS, Android). Free flight gives you real time flight information, perform various acrobatic maneuvers, and allows you to control the camera and video features of the drone.

Flight Plan is an in-app purchase within Free Flight that allows for autonomous mission planning, such as waypoints or setting a specific location, such as a building, as a point of interest. Free flight can also set a course between two waypoints and Bebop 2 will progressively modify its orientation for smoother videos.

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Pix4D Capture (iOS , Android)

This app turns Bebop 2 into a mapping tool. With it, you can easily define single or multiple flight missions around your area of interest, customize altitude, image overlap, and camera angle for optimal mapping results.

Capture allows you to select a flight plan and capture image data, ready for creating georeferenced maps and models using the Pix4D software. After your mission, just transfer the project from your phone to computer, either directly from the drone or via Pix4Dcloud.

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Pix4D (macOS, Windows)

The world leader in professional photogrammetry software, Pix4D automatically converts images taken by hand, by drone, or by plane, and delivers highly precise, georeferenced 2D maps and 3D models. The free Discovery version is available for teaching, along with full educational single licenses and a 25-seat classroom license for sale.

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Ardupilot / Dronecode

Ardupilot is a full-featured, open-source UAV controller that was created by a team of developers from around the globe who are constantly improving and refining the performance and capabilities. The Aurdupilot team has created instructions for use on Bebop 2. Note that making the changes described on their website will void your warranty! Parrot’s technical support will not help you with this hack or to recover your original software.

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ROS (Robot Operating System)

An open-source operating system for robots, including drones like Bebop 2. Bebop_autonomy is a driver based on Parrot's official ARDroneSDK3 . It provides interfaces for piloting the drone, subscribing to its camera and on-board sensory data, as well as tweaking its configuration.

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Curriculum partners
(coming soon)

Parrot Education isn’t alone in supporting schools; it is partnering with a growing number of educational institutions that specialize in different aspects of drone instruction and research. These curriculum partners are leaders in UAS education and are valuable resources for the drone educational community. We are happy to point to their expertise as you build your academic programs.

Want to become a Parrot curriculum partner?

Do you have drone educational materials (free or otherwise) you would like to offer to the larger academic community? We’d love to hear from you! Feel free to reach out to us on the contact form.