STEM in the sky

Parrot has developed a complete bundle of flying and rolling drones for your classroom. You will be able to teach STEM skills, such as geometry, science, art, physics and coding with the leading code-learning platform used by more than 30 millions students.You can also share your learning activities with other educators on our platform. We are excited to see what you can create!



Sturdy and shock resistant
Visual programming apps
Complete coding curriculum using Tynker
Customizable with compatible connector brick


Roll, race and jump on obstacles
Live streaming camera
Visual programming apps
Progammable paths and choreography


We have built amazing ready-to-use classroom bundles with drones, cases, batteries, charger and spare parts. Available in 6 and 12 pack for all drones.


Tynker (iOS , Android and Chromebook)

Tynker’s drone curriculum offers a structured approach to get elementary and middle school students flying drones in minutes. Students practice their drone flying skills in a virtual environment before they are ready to execute the commands on a real drone.

The curriculum includes 10 scaffolded lessons and introduces kids to safe and fun drone-flying as well as relevant programming concepts as they complete fun missions such as:
● Program a drone’s flight path from takeoff to landing
● Build a drone controller to control a drone in real time
● Program flips, turns and other stunts
● Integrate loops and variables to make geometric patterns
● Code games such as Flappy Drone and drone racing
● Take an aerial picture and share it with your class

Each lesson has a detailed teacher guide, main concepts and collaborative ideas, mapping to applicable standards, sample working programs, interactive tutorials, and applications to real-world issues.

Curriculum is free with every airborne bundle (6 or 12 pack), release expected for summer 2016.

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Free flight 3 (iOS , Android)

Parrot official application to control and program drone

● Pilot your drone using your phone or tablet
● Super intuitive and adaptative control
● Take photos, record videos, program paths and acrobatics
● Compatible with both Airborne and Jumping drones

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Neurala Roboscope (iOS , Android)

Turn your Parrot Jumping MiniDrone into a super attack robot!
Neurala’s Roboscope software lets you launch your robot on a specific target, while recording the movie on the drone.
● Face and object recognition
● Simply move the onscreen box to select your target
● Multiple video filters from drone streaming camera
● Record and share it on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
● Perfect for small movies projects

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Tickle (iOS)

Programming re-imagined for the connected world.Learn to program Parrot drones and robots and made them interact with real world objects, all wirelessly. Tickle is the only platform that connects all your devices together so that they can interact with each other! Tickle is easy to learn and fun to use! Peek under the hood to see your code blocks in Swift 3.0, the world's fastest growing programming language!

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The Parrot Education Community built on the Workbench Education platform brings the exciting world of programming and learning with drones and robots to students and stem enthusiasts in a clear and organized way. In addition, it connects maker educators to each other so they can share lessons within the community. Educators can use the platform to access lessons that tie teaching with drones and robots to STEM skills such as geometry, science, art, physics and coding.